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5 Steps to make your space An Ace Space

How it w   rks


Meet our designer

Know your goals

Bring in your floor plan and be specific about your needs. We will tackle the problem solving head on and arrive at you desired end goal.

Get a tentative Quote

Knowing what budget you have or what you are comfortable spending can be a key piece of information that will help us guide you through this process.  "After all, the more sugar you pour, the sweeter the end will be."


Book Us
10% Payment on priliminary quote

Book us based on the preliminary quote

Book us with 10% of the preliminary quote. Welcome us onboard as your design partners!

Sign the mutual contract

This is an assurance between the firm and the client that work will be done in a timely and disciplined manner. The contract also states the roles played by each person involved in the project, the timelines, and the terms and conditions that apply.

Its actually starts from here


Finalise Design

Discuss your detailed design

Discuss your preferences in detail, then finalise the layout and 3D visuals. We can now move on to selection of materials and fabrications.

Design sign off

All design details, materials, and fabrications that have been chosen so far in the process will be approved by the client. After getting the design approval from the client side, we get the go-ahead for execution.


50% Payment on priliminary quote

Creating  your A team

Vendors are selected according to expertise, craftsmanship, and certification. We guarantee nothing but the best and most professional team to work on our projects.

Onsite work

40% Payment on priliminary quote

Our project manager and designers will be in charge of supervising the ongoing work to ensure that everything is carried out correctly and smoothly.  Get your snag closure report.

Your space is ready to move in



Move In

Get your handover  and warranty documents.

Your dream space is ready!


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